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Access Rx: Your Pharmacy For Genuine, High-Quality Medications

One of the most common ways for people to buy their medications nowadays is through the use of online pharmacies. They are fast, simple, and an often cheaper means for getting your medications than your average pharmacy or drugstore down the block. One example of these kinds of establishments is the website called Access Rx.

Access Rx has been a long runner in the online pharmacy industry, with around two decades of experience under its belt while serving up to 600,000 people in the US. If you’re an American or Canadian citizen, then you’re in luck, since you can avail of this website’s services. Access Rx is a certified partner of the world’s most trusted brand pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Lilly, and Merck, so you can be assured that all the products you’re purchasing are the real deal. You will also see that the site has secured itself with several programs that ensure the privacy and confidentiality of its users.

When you first sign up as a member, you will be given a private audio or video consultation by one of Access Rx’s many licensed US physicians and medical staff with whom you will share details of your health in order to have a comprehensive medical assessment. And don’t worry, this has been approved in line with the HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which provides the safeguarding of medical information. You will not have to worry about a third party getting their hands on your records.

Is AccessRx Reputable

One of the biggest arguments against such websites is the looming possibility that it may be a fake website aimed at tricking customers into buying fake or counterfeit goods. Many accounts online have shown themselves to be victims of a scam or an illegal vendor. One way to alleviate a person’s doubts would be to look through the available reviews on an establishment, and many people have given their insight into Access Rx service.

An extensive Personal Account with Access Rx

An extensive Personal Account with Access Rx

Through the independent review website called Trust Pilot, which is found at, we have found more than a thousand reviews directly towards Access Rx, and the rating given is a 9 out of 10 overall. Many people, such as a man named David, a repeat customer who enjoyed the professional style and customer service of the establishment. Another man by the name of Philip was pleased with the efficiency and timeliness of their deliveries to his home, remarking that he never had to worry whether an order would come in or not as compared to other shady establishments.

AccessRx Coupon

In comparison to a majority of other online pharmacies, Access Rx sells only branded pills, which are noticeably more expensive than the generic counterparts found through other vendors. Though the prices are still slightly reduced, there is another way by which customers can lower down the costs, and that is through online, paperless coupons. These deals help to give lower values by deducting a percentage off of a certain type of purchase, like ED medications, or by offering a product at a set amount that is already much lower than usual.

Coupons for Lower Costs

Coupons for Lower Costs

While there are a few codes on the site that will help you get started, most of the codes you’ll find will be online at other websites such as The more you know how to utilize these codes, the more that you’ll be saving day to day.

AccessRx Reddit

Going on forums and websites with a large collection of public opinion is a good way to find someone knowledgeable about a topic and ready to give out advice. There are whole websites that are dedicated to discussing medications and pharmacies, and there are plenty of topics on Reddit dealing with these topics, as well. Some users, such as the one below, have good opinions on Access Rx. It seems that whatever Access Rx lacks in price compared to its competition is made up for in the security of its users and the quality of its medications.

Testimony to the Quality of Access Rx

Testimony to the Quality of Access Rx

However, Reddit, though valuable for their personal accounts, may not be the best place to look if you wish to get a comprehensive review of a website, and some review sites like the one shown above are also crude in their ability to judge a website based on credentials. As such, a few rating websites like Pharmacy Checker and Verify Before You Buy are websites that can help you check the validity of a website before you try it. They can even direct you to the websites that they have already checked and found to be satisfactory and legal. If you want a list of online pharmacies that have top quality medications and services, then go here to see our recommendations.


Access Rx is just one out of many different online pharmacies that are available for use on the market right now. What defines it apart from its competition is the fine attention to the security of their customers, from the quality of the products to the extensive measures they have put up to ensure confidentiality. They are selling products from the world’s most trustworthy manufacturers, and have set up a system where you can get a medical consultation from your laptop with a licensed medical professional, all free of charge. One downside with the website is that, because they are licensed with selling brand name prescription pills from their suppliers, most of the prices are not much different from what you would get at a pharmacy normally. There are, however, coupons available online that can lower the prices for you.

While there are great advantages to this website, there are others who would feel like this is not the right pharmacy for them. In that case, you can check our list of other online pharmacies that have been handpicked due to their services and low prices.