Aclepsa: One of the Homes of Affordable Generic Medicines Online

Aclepsa is a ten-year-old internet drugstore that just closed recently. The offers of Aclesa are generic medicines of high quality. They claim that these medicines are also one of the cheapest on the web. Aside from these offers, Aclepsa also offers free worldwide shipping, expedited delivery on special cases, secure ordering online, 24/7 support, and satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Among the medicines offered by Aclepsa are mental disorder drugs, hypertensive medication, cardiovascular drugs, gastro medicines, skin care medications, anti-parasitic, erectile dysfunction medicines, osteoporosis, asthma, respiratory tract, diuretics, eye care, antivirals, antibiotics, antidepressants, analgesics, and arthritis medication. In addition, Aclepsa also offers neurological medications, medicines for obesity, migraine, muscle relaxants, antifungal, cancer medicines, and analgesics.

Most of the medicines on the list of Aclepsa are generic and Rx medicines. Some prescription medicines are also dispensed without needing a prescription as long as the country of destination doesn’t stop it in customs.

To sum it up, Aclepsa used to be one of the top choices among online pharmacies because of the following:

  • They offered free shipping anywhere in the world
  • The orders are trackable
  • They give automatic discounts on all returning customers
  • They offer quality generic medications at the lowest price
  • They have a support team that is available any time of the day

Aclepsa Online Pharmacy Reviews

To determine if Aclepsa is an online pharmacy to that consumers can use and trust, we checked some of its customer reviews. A few clicks on the internet gave us these consumer feedbacks.

Aclepsa Reviews (https://www

Aclepsa Reviews (https://www

Aclepsa Reviews (

The first Aclepsa customer review that we found was a 5-star review shared by B. According to him, it was a great site. He even provided a referral code to potential customers of Aclepsa.

We also found a review shared by L. it was also a 5-star rating. In the testimonial, L said that he had been using Aclepsa for the last five years and everything worked great so far. He added that the customer service team of Aclepsa was helpful.

For the last review, we found one shared by mr.bi11. Mr.bi11 said that was a loyal customer of Aclepsa and had ordered at least 6 times. Among the things that Bi11 loved about Aclepsa were the competitive pricing, the good policy for lost or missing orders, and helpful customer service team.

Despite seeing some good reviews for Aclepsa, we also found some negative ones. Most of the negative feedbacks about this online pharmacy were about their almost expired medicines, information and card theft issues, and hidden charges. We cannot verify if these issues were indeed caused by Aclepsa or the customer had used his/her credit card in other online transactions as well.

Still, a negative review can definitely affect the reputation of an online store. Although it was not stated as to why Aclepsa stopped operating, these negative feedbacks might be one of the reasons.

Aclepsa Pharmacy Coupon Codes, Offers, and Contact Information

Among the offers of Aclepsa that we found interesting and enticing are their 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping worldwide. As an online buyer, it means a saving as other online pharmacies charge $10 to $30 for shipping alone.

They also promise a secure connection on their site. It means that if you will use your credit card and give them your personal information like an e-mail address or phone number, these numbers won’t be abused and used by marketers and scammers. they will protect it and keep it safe from fraudsters.

Aclepsa Perks

Aclepsa Perks

In addition to these benefits of using Aclepsa, Aclepsa also offers a discount to their returning and loyal customers. If it is your second time ordering, you will automatically get a 5% discount and 6% discount on your third order. On your fourth order, you will get a 7% discount and 8% discount on your fifth and succeeding orders.

Aclepsa Contact Information

Aclepsa Contact Information

Aclepsa Contact Information

For queries and concerns, Aclepsa offers a 24/7 solution via phone, chat, and email. The best number to reach them is 1-866-417-5821 for their US customers and 44-203-011-0291 for their UK customers. As promised on their main page, these numbers were available all day and night long, ready to answer queries and address customers’ concerns.

For customers who don’t have access to phone, they can contact Aclepsa thru their 24/7 live chat support team. The chat support team were also trained to answer all queries from their customers. For customers who just need to ask something and were not in a hurry to receive a reply, Aclepsa can be reached via their ‘contact us’ page.


Aclepsa is an internet pharmacy that is known for offering high-quality generic medicines. Their offers are mostly generic brands of popular medicines. Among the things that consumers loved about this e-dispensary are their low-priced medicines, the discounts they provide, their 24/7 support team, and their free shipping worldwide.

For their products, Aclepsa offers some of the cheapest medicines that you can find online such as generic Cialis for $1.32 per pill and generic Viagra for $0.81 per pill. They also offer generic Levitra for $1.77 per tablet. Other unique medicines that you can find from this e-store are Cipro, Clomid, HIV 1-2 Test, Diflucan, Generic Ovulation Test, Generic Synthroid, Generic Syphilis Test, and Zithromax.

If you are looking for an internet pharmacy that you can use for your prescription refill and you can definitely try Aclepsa or you can check some of our top-rated Canadian online pharmacies. You can check our list of recommended online pharmacies and look for the one that offers the medication you need. You can pick two or three e-stores and make comparisons when it comes to pricing, perks, and offers.