Buying Adderall Without Prescription

Buying Adderall Without Prescription: Can It Be Done?

Prescription drugs are highly important to people around the world, whether it be in curing the flu or maintaining the quality of life of someone who has had the condition for several years or maybe their whole life. However, because they are medications, you will need to actually visit your doctor and be prescribed your medications with a valid prescription form in order to buy it at a pharmacy or drug store. Many persons do not want to deal with the legal and medical red tape that comes with getting their prescriptions, so they wonder whether you can actually get drugs like Adderall without a prescription.

Before any other questions are answered, you are not supposed to be able to buy Adderall without a prescription, and it is illegal to do so. Why this is so is because of the nature of Adderall as a medication. Adderall, for those who take it medically, is known as a drug that can help with the treatment of ADHD. The drug is actually a combination of two medications: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It can enhance a person’s ability to focus and stay attentive to their work. It can help sharpen a person’s practical work abilities like listening, organizing, and formulating plans. It can even control the behavioral problems that are commonly found in persons with ADHD. These are also the reasons why doctors use this drug to help treat narcolepsy, which is an uncontrollable sleepiness in certain people.

The problem therein lies not with buying Adderall but becoming dependent on it. Adderall is a drug that causes a strong feeling of euphoria and improved energy in those who take it. This euphoric effect can lead to a physical and psychological dependence since many people would rather be on the effects of the drug than off of them. Persons who usually take the drug at the proper doses will have less of a risk of becoming dependent, but the more they take and abuse it, they may not be able to control themselves from seeking out the drug. This then pushes people into seeking other ways of getting the drug, even if they are illegal.

Adderall Without Prescription

The drug itself is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act. This means that starting from Schedule I, it has the second highest potential for abuse amongst the drugs listed under the FDA’s control. Therefore, there is a higher level of alert and attention that doctors have towards those being prescribed with Adderall, and even pharmacists will take note of those on a refill schedule but fill in too early or demand more pills.

Adderall Prescription

Adderall Prescription

Again, we reiterated that buying Adderall from a source that does not require a prescription is not only illegal but is also dangerous. The typical side effects of Adderall can include insomnia, dry mouth, and a loss of appetite, as well as bladder pain, difficult urination, a faster heartbeat, and pain on the lower back or side. However, if the drug is taken at significantly larger amounts than the recommended dose, such as when it is used recreationally, it could cause cognitive impairment, muscle breakdown, and delusions or paranoia.

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Getting Adderall at a pharmacy is pretty easy if you have the right prescription. However, even if this is true, it doesn’t account for the large amounts that people often need to pay just to get their dose. For this reason, a lot of people seek out the generics of these pills.

Sample Prices for Adderall from Different Pharmacies

Sample Prices for Adderall from Different Pharmacies

Thankfully, there is an app that was developed that can help customers find out which stores are selling generic versions of Adderall and how much they’re selling for. Good Rx is not an online pharmacy but a service that simply compares prices from different stores for the products you’re looking for. In this way, you can get legitimate Adderall and for the best value available.

Adderall Online Pharmacy

Despite the avid warnings, there are still hundreds of unregistered, illegal establishments that are trying to sell off Adderall to customers. The worst part is that this Adderall may not even be legitimate at all, and could be a counterfeit version used to gain a profit from unsuspecting buyers. An Example of a Vendors Page for Adderall

An Example of a Vendor’s Page for Adderall

Of course, we are not endorsing this pharmacy at all, and in fact, we encourage buyers to look closer and check the validity of the pharmacies they are purchasing from. There are a number of online sites that do sell legitimate products, but buying from an online pharmacy that looks suspicious should be the last resort when it comes to getting Adderall.


Medications have given people an easier way to treat their illnesses so they can live their life to the fullest. However, there must always be a limit to our use of these drugs, and they should always be used properly. A drug like Adderall can be highly beneficial to a person suffering from ADHD and narcolepsy by improving the way they concentrate and keep awake. Unfortunately, it can be easy to abuse this drug by taking more than your recommended dose and becoming dependent on it to experience a feeling of euphoria. There are much safer ways of getting your drugs, such as buying them from your local pharmacy, and you can even save more by purchasing the generics or looking through a price comparison website or app like Good Rx to find the best deals.

Many people try to look for this drug online without needing a prescription, and many illegal online pharmacies have made a hefty profit from tricking their buyers into purchasing fake medications. In order to avoid this, and be able to find Adderall at legitimate websites, then check our list of top recommended online stores.