Buying Generic Adderall Online

Buying Generic Adderall Online: Finding the Best Online Pharmacy for Your Adderall Prescription

Adderall is an approved medication for ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This medicine affects the brain that causes a person to be active and stay focused. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine and belongs to a group of drugs called stimulants. Aside from ADHD, this medicine is also used to treat narcolepsy. Some athletes are using it as a performance enhancer (to increase focus and attention to what they are doing). It is also used as a recreational aphrodisiac. Because of its recreational use, Adderall is a prescription medicine that should only be used as needed. Prolonged use of this medicine can lead to drug dependency.

Adderall contains 25% levoamphetamine salts and 75% dextroamphetamine salts. This is the reason why its generic version is often called Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine, Amphet Salt, mixed amphetamine salt (MAS), and Amphetamine salt combo. However, an FDA approved Adderall should still contain the word Adderall on it.

Buying Adderall Online

There are two popular generic brands of Adderall on the market today. One is from Teva Pharmaceuticals and one from Eon Labs and Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals. From these pharmaceutical companies, they offer generic Adderall in the strength of 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg, 12.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg. Even for its generic version, you will need a prescription when ordering one.

Buying Adderall is easy as long as you have a prescription. Most legit online pharmacies will require a prescription before dispensing this medicine. This drug can cause dependency while some are using it incorrectly by taking it as a performance enhancer. This medicine was modified to help people with ADHD and narcolepsy, not people who can function well and want to perform better.

If you are looking for an online pharmacy that will dispense Adderall, you can check our list of legit and recommended online pharmacies. These e-dispensaries will delivery your order wherever you are. In addition, our trusted online pharmacies might also have promotions that you can use in order to save more on your Adderall medications. Most of our trusted Canadian online pharmacies will certainly help you with your Adderall prescription.

Adderall Price Online

Adderall is an expensive prescription medicine. Aside from being expensive, this medicine should be taken regularly as a part of a regular medication.  Because it is expensive, most users or family of Adderall users is always looking for an option to save money when ordering Adderall.

Adderall Price

Adderall Price

Finding a branded Adderall online is a bit challenging. This medicine is not easy to find because of its price. We searched for online pharmacies that offer branded Adderall and found none. We found known e-stores though with the following information.

If you will order it from the website of Costo, the price is $372.76 for a pack of 60 tablets of 20 mg Adderall. This gives it a price tag of $6.21 per tablet. From Kroger Pharmacy, the price is $383.57 for a pack of 60 tablets. It means a tablet of 20 mg Adderall costs $6.39 per tablet. From Albertsons, their 60-pack 20 mg Adderall costs $383.62, which is slightly higher than Kroger Pharmacy is. Safeway also offers a pack of Adderall (60 tablets) for $383.62.

Adderall is taken 2-3 times a day, depending on your condition and your doctor’s prescription. Say you need to take it 3x a day, then you have to spend at least $20 a day for your Adderall medication. Even if online pharmacies offer discounts and promotions, this is still hard to sustain especially if you don’t have a health insurance. If you have a health insurance, not all online pharmacies are accepting it though.

Aside from ordering Adderall online, another option that you can have is to use the generic version of Adderall.

Cheaper Alternative to Adderall

There are now approved generic versions of Adderall. Teva of Israel and Ranbaxy of India have produced their own version of Adderall and are selling it a more affordable price as compared to its branded counterpart.

Generic Adderall Price

Generic Adderall Price

The most popular term used for generic Adderall is amphetamine salt combo. In a Costco website, a pack of 60 tablets of amphetamine salt combo costs $26.24 or $0.43 per tablet. From Albertsons, the same pack of amphetamine salt combo costs $26.94, just a few cents higher as compared to Costco. Safeway has the same price as Albertsons. The most expensive amphetamine salt combo can be found from Kroger Pharmacy who sells it for $27.19 per pack of 60 tablets. This means each tablet costs $0.45 apiece.


ADHD is a condition that requires long-term treatment. Most medicines taken by ADHD patients are the same and only varies in formulation or dosage. Adderall is one of the most commonly prescribed medication for ADHD. This medicine is also used in treat narcolepsy.

Branded Adderall is not easy to find online. This prescription medicine is not just rare online, it is also expensive. Some popular online pharmacies are offering it at a price of $6 to $8 per tablet. Because ADHD requires a long-term treatment, the best recommendation that we can give is to switch to generic Adderall or amphetamine salt combo.

Generic medicines are as effective as its branded counterpart is. Generic brands are also tested by the FDA to ensure that it has the same active ingredient as its branded counterpart and that it works just like its branded counterpart. The only difference between a generic brand and a branded medicine is the price.

If you are looking for a cheaper way to continue to your ADHD medication, buying generic Adderall online is your best option. You can check our recommended online pharmacies for amphetamine salt combo or search for other trusted internet drugstores on the web.