Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is a global online retailer of high-quality drugs whose headquarters are in Howard Hughes Ctr. The pharmacy was established with an aim of providing a reliable platform where customers can buy original medication at reasonable prices, wherever they are located all over the world. It was established in 1999 and has rapidly grown its customer base from all corners of the world.

Most of the drugs sold at are manufactured by legitimate generic manufacturers in India. The drugs have been approved for the treatment of various health complications and you will, therefore, be assured of getting original drugs that will work in the same way as the drugs sold at local pharmacies.

The other countries where the drugs sold at Canadian Pharmacy originate from are the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe, among other countries located in Asia. Home

How to Order Medication at Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

Placing an order at Canadian pharmacy is a simplified procedure that will be carried out online from any location. Below are the steps that you should follow to process your order:

  • Open an account with Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy so that you can access their sales page
  • Search if the drugs you wish to buy are in stock at the pharmacy
  • Go through the description written under the drug selected to make sure it is really the drug you wish to buy.
  • If the drug is the correct one, add it to your shopping cart
  • After clicking the check out icon, you will be redirected to the payment section where you will fill in the details of your preferred mode of payment
  • You can now wait to receive the drugs either through regular airmail or via express courier. If you choose the regular airmail delivery method, the drugs will take longer to get to you but you will pay only a small fee of $15. For the express courier, you will pay $25 for the delivery which will get to you in less than fourteen days.
  • If you wish to secure the drugs while in transit, you will pay an insurance fee of $4.95 so that in case the drugs gets lost in the course of transit, you will receive compensation from the pharmacy.
  • For huge orders which amount over $150 for regular mail or over $300 for express mail, you will have the drugs delivered without paying for shipping fees. A free insurance cover will also be offered for drugs costing over $200.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Reviews

Gwen is one of the customers who has enjoyed the convenience of home delivery since she started using the services of Canadian Neighbor pharmacy. She says that her order always arrives in great shape as they are packaged in paper bags to protect them from damage. Dorothy is another happy client who says that she is glad to receive her drugs without having to pay for shipping charges if the order is above $150. It is also a reliable source of drugs that will be difficult to find from local pharmacies. She is however unhappy that the drugs take a long time to arrive especially through the ordinary mail and her only wish is that this will be improved. Just like Dorothy, Jennifer says that she is also happy that she does not have to pay for the shipping charges for orders above $150. The ranges of drugs sold at Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy are manufactured by different manufacturers which provide a choice for a customer to buy from his favorite manufacturer.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy customer reviews

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy customer reviews

From the above reviews, it is evident that most of the customers who buy from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy are mostly attracted by the free shipping for orders over $150 and the availability of drugs that will be difficult to find in local pharmacies. The drugs sold work as they are supposed to, making customers keep buying from this pharmacy.

Is Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Legit?

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has received approval from relevant authorities including FDA to supply drugs that are mostly manufactured from India. The pharmacy also sells drug from other countries including the United States at cheap prices.

Most of the customers who have bought drugs from the pharmacy have given positive reviews regarding the pharmacy with the major complaint being the long duration the drug takes to get to them especially via the ordinary mail.

The drugs bought by the customers worked as they were supposed to and most of them are glad to shop again after the first experience and to also share the details regarding the pharmacy with others.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy is also verified and has displayed the details of their physical address as well as their contact numbers on their site. This is a requirement for any legit pharmacy which is a proof that it is not a scam.

There are scammers who send unsolicited emails to people claiming to be representatives of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy. You should not respond to them as they are out to lure you into a trap where you will be ripped off your hard-earned cash.

Always ensure that you do not share your credit card details or any other personal details with anyone who claims to be a representative of Canadian Online Pharmacy.



Canadian Online Pharmacy is a legitimate online pharmacy that mostly deals with generic drugs manufactured in India. The pharmacy has been trusted to supply high-quality drugs and their prices are very affordable. If you wish to buy drugs that are hard to find at local pharmacies, you can always trust Canadian Online Pharmacy to supply the drugs as they stock all types of legal drugs. You should always be on the lookout when buying your drugs from an online pharmacy so that you will not end up buying fake medications. If you wish to get advice on the legitimate pharmacies that sell drugs online, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies where the drugs sold are original.