Canadianpharmacymeds Com

Canadianpharmacymeds Com: A Drug Fulfillment Website that Promises Affordable Medications

Canadianpharmacymeds is a fulfillment center that provides access to affordable medicines worldwide. Their fulfillment centers are approved and licensed Canadian Pharmacies. They also have partner pharmacies outside of Canada. On their website, Canadian Pharmacy Meds says that they offer medicines that are up to 90% cheaper than those sold in local drugstores. Their partner pharmacies are located in countries such as Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore, Mauritius, UK, and India.

The pride of Canadian Pharmacy Meds is their partners from Qualified Licensed Pharmacies Group. This internet fulfillment center is approved and licensed by CIPA or Certified Canadian International Pharmacy. As a licensed CIPA member, Canadian Pharmacy Meds only fulfill Rx orders that come with a valid prescription. This rule is specially implemented for customers in the US. Since Canada offers low-priced medicines, most Americans are crossing the border to Canada to order their medications. This was changed by fulfillment centers like Canadian Pharmacy Meds as US citizens can now order their medicines online without needing to cross the border.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds started operating in 2004 . For 14 years, customers of this fulfillment center has been using them for their prescription and over the counter medication needs.

Canadianpharmacymeds.Com Reviews

Canadian Pharmacy Meds got everything looking good on their website. The design of their website was nice and friendly looking and they have a contact information. These are the things that we mostly check when searching for a legit online pharmacy or fulfillment center. Still, some of their customers find some unlikely experiences that they shared onine.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Customer Feedbacks

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Customer Feedbacks

We were able to find customer reviews for Canadianpharmacymeds from a third-party website. The reviews were not that good.

The first review was shared by Rob. The first line of his review says ‘avoid.’ In his review, he admitted that he had been using this internet prescription refill center for more than a year. He said their service is slow and their system is not updated. People call him asking if he wants a refill even if he just requested it which annoyed him. He also had issues with lost prescriptions and that one of his drugs came unavailable. With his annoying experience, Rob just wants people to avoid this prescription refill center and gave it a one-star rating.

Another review that we found was shared by Mrs. I.J. What she hated about this company was their customer service team that kept on sending her spam emails and unwanted phone calls. She added that the medicine she got from them years ago was not even effective. It was an Indian-manufactured antibiotic.

These two reviews for Canadian pharmacy were disheartening. We tried to search from review sites but were unable to find positive customer reviews for this fulfillment center.

Canadianpharmacymeds Com Coupon Codes

The tagline of Canadianpharmacymeds is that they work like a local drugstore but with more affordable medicines. They do not offer coupon codes or promotions because the prices of their medicines are its best already. Without a coupon code to offer, what did this online prescription center offered to their customers during their run?

  • They offer up to 90% savings on all medicines, branded or generic
  • They offer convenient and smooth transactions with door to door deliveries
  • They offer medicines from licensed international pharmacies
  • They offer a wide range of selection for drugs and medicines
  • They offer friendly customer service support team
  • They do not have hidden fees, what you see as your total bill stays as it is

Canadianpharmacymeds.Com Contact Information

During their stint as a prescription refill center, Canadian Pharmacy Meds offer a lot of ways for their customers to get in touch, in case they have questions or issues with their orders. They offer phone support, live chat support, fax support and email.

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Contact Numbers

Canadian Pharmacy Meds Contact Numbers

For phone support, their customers were able to reach them on weekdays from five in the morning until ten in the evening, Pacific Standard Time. They are also reachable every weekend, from eight in the morning until three in the afternoon. The number to dial is 877 278 5387 and 604 278 5284 for international customers.

For their fax line, it is open 24/7. Customers can also send a copy of their prescription to this fax line at 877 278 5359 and 877 461 3131. Their international fax line number is 604 278 5359.

They also had a live chat support team that can answer queries right away and a ‘contact us’ page in case you just want to drop a question and get the answer to your email.


CanadianPharmacyMeds was an internet refill center that bridges customers towards international online pharmacies that offer medicines at the lowest price possible. This website is operating from Canada with partners of licensed pharmacies from around the world. This internet refilling center was one of the best in terms of the number of partners they had, the licenses they had to operate, the design of their website and the number of drugs they offer. For 14 years, this refill center is one of the strongest centers that continues to serves its customers.

We assume that the bad customer reviews of Canadian Pharmacy Meds contributed to the popularity of this website. Some people might have checked their offers despite the ngative reviews. This only shows the power of customer reviews. If you are still looking for an online pharmacy that can refill your prescription, you can just check our list of recommended online pharmacies as well. Those are online pharmacies with a good reputation and good customer reviews. Avoid trusting online pharmacies that promise a lot because they might be scamming you. Always check for licenses and customer reviews to avoid being fooled and scammed by illegitimate online pharmacies.