All Day Chemist Reviews – Is This Indian Pharmacy Legit?

All Day Chemist is a pharmacy that has its operations based in India. The store seems to be very legitimate. We have checked for their consumer feedback on different platforms that collect customer reviews. We will be looking at these reviews in just a moment. What we have noted is that this Indian online pharmacy has a great reputation online. The pharmacy focuses on selling generic medication. They claim that this helps maintain their drugs at an affordable price range such that millions of people who need the drugs have the ability to buy them. However, you will still find brand name drugs in their catalog.

All Day Chemist Reviews - Is This Indian Pharmacy Legit?
All Day Chemist Homepage

The store sources their meds from various manufacturers. These include Cipla located in India, Dr. Reddy’s laboratories also located in India, Centurion Laboratories, Ajanta Pharma, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and more. The store offers numerous drugs. These include antibacterial, HIV and herpes meds, diabetes meds, hair loss drugs, Asthma drugs, anticancer, weight loss drugs, and more. The pharmacy has fulfillment centers in different countries. These include Mauritius, the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, India, and more. The store claims that all these fulfillment centers have been approved by the regulatory bodies.

All Day Chemist Customer Reviews

We have already Indicated that All Day Chemist has very positive reviews. In order to prove this to you, we have some of the store reviews here. These are from real people and not manipulated in any way by the pharmacy itself. We obtained these from Reddit which means that All Day Chemist wouldn’t have had the chance to manipulate them:

All Day Chemist Reviews

The first reviewer says that he purchased meds worth 150 dollars from All Day Chemist and he did not have any issues. He used his checking account. The meds arrived within a period of 16 days after the payment had been cleared. He was leery but he has not had any issues with fraud or anything bad while dealing with All Day Chemist. The medication that he purchased was legit and it worked.

The second Redditor claims that he has been using All Day Chemist for more than a year and a half. Every single order arrived within a period of about 3 weeks. Everything was always accounted for. He says that this is just his own experience.

The final reviewer claims that he has had no problems with all the orders that he has placed at All Day Chemist. He has been ordering from this pharmacy for more than 10 years. He says that he exercises caution by using a throwaway bank account or a credit card in order to ensure that he is safe. He says that the quality of the Viagra that he receives from India is just amazing. He says that he has not tried any other products, therefore, he cannot comment on other drugs that All Day Chemist sells. The meds takes about three weeks for them to arrive.

All Day Chemist Phone Number

Having the confidence that you will receive what you order from an online pharmacy is reinforced by you having the ability to communicate with the online pharmacy. We decided to see whether All Day Chemist is easy to talk to. We checked their contact page. The following are the details that we found:

All Day Chemist Contacts

If you are in the United States and you need to talk to All Day Chemist, the number that you need to use is +1(855) 840-0584. This phone number is toll-free. For people who order from All Day Chemist and reside in the United Kingdom, the phone number that they should use is +442075721246. For people from other parts of the world, the number that they should use is +1(760)284-5903. Their operating hours when you can call and receive great services is Monday to Sunday between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm (PST).

The pharmacy has a callback request form. You can use this form if you call and you are unable to reach them. They claim that they will call you back with one business day. Using the call is not the only way through which All Day Chemist customers can reach them. The pharmacy also has a live chat that you can use. They have a form on their contact page that you can use to submit a ticket.

AllDayChemist Coupon

We decided to find out whether it is possible to save money when you are purchasing drugs from All Day Chemist using coupons and promo codes. We were able to locate numerous coupons, promo codes, and sale deals on different third-party websites. We have some of them here:

All Day Chemist Coupon Codes

The first coupon code allows you to save on the shipping costs. If you make an order that is worth more than 100 dollars and use this coupon code, you will enjoy free shipping. The second sales deal allows you to get a free Ceebis 20 mg tablet when you buy one tablet yourself. The third deal allows you to pay 5 dollars less when you pay for your drugs using a check or a money order. When you use All Day Chemist to purchase clearance items, you will receive a 65% discount.


From the reviews that we have already looked at, it is very clear that you can order your meds from All Day Chemist and trust that you will receive the real thing. The reviews claim that their meds arrived within a period of under 21 days. They also claim that the meds had the quality that they had been looking for. The store offers great communication. Reaching out to them is quite easy. The store has a huge number of promo and coupon codes which gives you a chance to save your money. We have made avoiding fake online pharmacies easier. After investigating thousands of pharmacies, we have come up with a list of the top-rated pharmacies. You will be able to find this list in our catalog.