Canada Drugs.Com – Good Online Pharmacy Closing Due to Legal Case

Medications are an important part of many people’s lives. For some, they need to take a maintenance pill every day for a chronic condition, for others, it’s something they only need to deal with for a short period of time. However, no matter long or short, one thing that can ruin the experience of taking pills is having to buy them at very high prices. Prices are especially very high is Western countries like the US that have an iron policy on their medications. What many people have decided to do is rely on online pharmacies, especially Canadian-based online stores such as Canada, to solve their problems.

Canada Drugs.Com - Good Online Pharmacy Closing Due to Legal Case
The Homepage of Canada Drugs Pharmacy

Canada Drugs is one of a great number of online pharmacies that take it upon themselves to give a different method of buying medications. Because of the internet, people can now order their medications online and have them shipped straight to them after they pay a shipping fee. Aside from the convenience that it offers to many people who do not live in Canada, it also gives them better value for their money, as medications from Canada are more affordable than in the US. The online pharmacy was first established back in 2001, and since then they have been one very prominent example of the popularity of Canadian internet pharmacies. They have a wide range of products for you to choose from, ranging from over the counter meds to prescription drugs.

Canada Drugs.Com Coupon Code

Many of the drugs found being sold at Canada Drugs are discount medications from places like the UK and New Zealand, which means that they are already much cheaper than the usual medications from the outset. However, there are yet more ways that you can save up your money, and that is by using coupon codes at Canada Drugs.

Coupon Codes that can be used for Better Discounts

These codes can be found at other websites like and be used to get a certain discount off from your order of medications or to get your drugs shipped for free. Once you click on the code, you can expect it to redirect you straight to the Canada Drugs website so that you can use it right away.

Canada Drugs.Com Review

Reviews are an easy way to find out whether a website is favorable or not. After all, these are real people who are giving their experiences and opinions about the website that they have used. And, despite the convenience of such internet websites, there are those who do not look favorably on online pharmacies because of the reputation of online stores that have scammed their users and given fake medicine or counterfeit drugs. Unfortunately, there seem to be a few comments written out about Canada Drugs that accuse them of doing just that: selling counterfeit meds. Some men, like Saad Qureshi, have been the victim of being sold a fake drug. He recounts that he was sold Retin A, but in the nine-month period that he had been using the drug, he had gotten very ill, something which had never happened previously. After buying his pills again at an actual pharmacy, his symptoms had stopped.

Reviews with a Negative View of Canada Drugs

Another story recounted is from Debbie Hughes, who had a “bad experience” from buying their medications. After she had paid the pharmacy with a check, they said it had been lost and she had to resend the payment, which she ended up doing. After her package was sent, it had not arrived even after two months of waiting, and, irritated, she asked for a refund which she did not receive. These reviews were taken from the site, and while there is just a handful of them and there exist positive reviews as well, it still is something to consider about the reviews of this website.

Canada Drugs.Com Legit

As an online pharmacy, it is very important to be accredited and verified as one in order to have customers trust your services and let them want to buy from you. As shown below, the drug has been profiled by the website called Pharmacy Checker, which reviews and rates online pharmacies according to a checklist of standards that they must meet, and they have a pretty good standing. The website is even a member of the CIPA, the Canadian Association of licensed pharmacies.

The Page of Canada Drug’s Entry in Pharmacy Checker

However, several years ago the website had been involved with a legal case for an accusation of selling unapproved medications and counterfeit drugs to US doctors that amounted to a cost of $78 million. Some of the US doctors claim that the drugs being sold to them did not contain the active ingredients that were meant to be in them, which was a breach in confidence between the pharmacy and its clients and potentially puts their patients in danger. The pharmacy, however, is still operating to this day and continues to dispense meds to many other countries. We do not know if they continue to sell these counterfeits, as there are still many people who order from this site.


Canada Drugs is an online pharmacy that has been around a long time in the business. Online pharmacies like these give more options to medication consumers around the world by providing them with an easier way to order pills and receive them, too. What’s more, they have generally much cheaper prices compared to the real-life pharmacies found in the US, which is why many US citizens opt to buy their drugs from a foreign source like Canada Drugs instead. There are even coupons that customers can use to further sweeten the deals.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, it seems as though the online pharmacy has gained an unfavorable reputation with some people who were not given the right medications or who paid their dues, only to get nothing in return. The pharmacy has also been involved with a lawsuit about 6 years ago concerning counterfeit medications. If you want to find other online pharmacies that have more reliable reputations, then you can check our recommendations list here.