Global Pharmacy – One Popular Online Store for Brand and Generic Medicines

Global Pharmacy is an attractive online drugstore offering a wide range of products for various medical conditions. It is curious what makes this store alluring to most consumers—the store remained popular with online patrons despite its years of service, so it’s great to take some time and dissect the reasons why this shop was successful in gaining its consumers’ trust.

Global Pharmacy: Is Global Pharmacy Plus a Legitimate Company?

Global Pharmacy, as its name implies, is an online pharmacy catering to a global audience. According to its information, it started its service in 2004 and has since fulfilled prescriptions for over 200,000 consumers worldwide.

Contrary to the common notion, Global Pharmacy is not an online branch of some specific pharmacy. It is, rather, a mail-order service that links consumers to various local drugstores located in key c of the world including Europe, India, and Singapore. This online service’s main thrust is providing the consumers with high-quality yet cost-effective products through generic medications sourced from its network of ground drugstores located in the aforementioned countries. However, apart from the generic products, the shop is also vending brand products sourced from manufacturers of the brand name drugs located other than the United States.

Global Pharmacy – One Popular Online Store for Brand and Generic Medicines
Global Pharmacy Website

According to Global Pharmacy, it is able to offer medicines that are up to 75% cheaper than the local drugstore medicines. To assure the clients, this shop mentions that all of its medicines are regulated and from validly operating local pharmacies overseas.

Popular prescriptions in the store include the following items and their prices:

  • Actos (Pioglitazone HCI) – Generic: from $35
  • Advair® / Seretide™ Diskus™ (Fluticasone-Salmeterol): from $65
  • Coresatin® Nonsteroidal Hand/Skin sanitizing cream – Brand Name: from $40
  • Campral® (Acamprosate): from $50
  • Estrace® / Vagifem® Estradiol – Brand Name and Generic Pill, Patch or Cream: from $31
  • Flovent Diskus® | Flixotide Accuhaler®(Fluticasone) – Brand Name: from $35

Only registered users are allowed to purchase medicines from Global Pharmacy. That being said, buyers interested in getting their medicines from the store are prompted to create an account on the website so they can order. Besides creating an account, the buyers should also provide their prescriptions so they can order their medicines at Global Pharmacy. Buyers can fax, snail mail, or email their prescriptions so their orders may be processed.

Consumers can order up to a 90-day supply of their medicines and are also prohibited from ordering narcotic medicines from the store. Unfortunately, this online pharmacy does not accept patient insurance regardless of the country of origin of the buyers. Consumers, though, are assured that they are given the best prices by this online pharmacy.

Shipping is a flat $12 regardless of the destination and the projected transit period is 12-16 days from the ship date. Clients are advised to pay for their orders using credit cards (MasterCard), money orders, and personal checks.

If ever the merchandise failed to reach the buyers within 21 days after ship date, the consumers are allowed to request a reshipment or a refund for their orders.

Global Pharmacy Reviews

Although the shop Global Pharmacy is already impressive, we still checked the available reviews for the site for good measure. Fortunately, we were able to come across buyer testimonials for the store from an external review source. Here is the overall rating for the pharmacy from a third-party source:

Overall Global Pharmacy Rating

According to the rating for Global Pharmacy, the store had an overall satisfaction rating of 8.9 points out of 10. Of all the consumers of the store, 9.3/10 declared their intent to shop from the store again and 9.1 out of 10 consumers will recommend the store to other individuals. Only 3-6% of the consumers had a negative feedback for the store, which was good to hear considering most online pharmacies are notorious for disappointing their clients greatly.

Global Pharmacy Customer Experience

One of the most recent comments for the store was from Jim. He would shop from the store again and will recommend the website because of the store’s reliability—Jim mentioned that he’s shopped from Global Pharmacy for years and that the meds he got from the store were “helpful”. He even made mention of coupons given by the shop to its clients.

Global Pharmacy Testimonials

Richard also had a good overall rating for Global Pharmacy and like the previous client, he also recommends the store and will shop from it again. However, Richard suggested that the store should provide more options for the payments instead of the MasterCard option alone (for the credit card payments).

Global Pharmacy Feedback

Another positive review for Global Pharmacy included the one from an “Analyst”. According to this client, the shop offered “fantastic prices” and had an on-time delivery, which prompted him to state that he will shop from the store again and will recommend the store to his friends.

Global Pharmacy Customer Report

Frank, on the one hand, had a good initial review for Global Pharmacy. According to him, he will shop at the store again and will recommend the shop. However, this user has yet to receive his order from the store, hence the low score for the delivery and a neutral point for the customer support. He did not elaborate on his review, though.

Global Pharmacy Reviews

George had a good review for the store, but he mentioned that his delivery was delayed due to bad weather. Nevertheless, he will still reorder from Global Pharmacy, although he’s planning on a 3-month lead time so that his orders will arrive on time.

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupon

Surprisingly, the store Global Pharmacy offers several discounts for its buyers including the coupon code below:

Global Pharmacy Plus Coupon

The code MAR-1DXE allows buyers to save 10% on their orders for the month. There was no mention of the code’s expiry, though.

Other Global Pharmacy Deals

Besides the coupon code, the shop is also offering deals like a “free reminder service” and up to “85% off” for specific products. Overall, the promos offered by this pharmacy are great for consumers intending to save on their purchases.


Global Pharmacy appears to be a good store, although like what we’d recommend for any shop’s use, you should still take everything with salt, even with stores like this. Do your research and ask around if you still have doubts about this shop and if you want, you can also consider other options like the shops included on our list of Best Online Drugstores.