Online Pharmacy – A Blessing to Many Customers

Convenience is the word that best defines what online pharmacies offer to their customers. In the rapidly-advancing technological world that we live in today, online pharmacies are one of the best innovations that we have seen. Pharmacy websites have literally brought the pharmacies to the customer’s homes and made it possible for them to order their meds without having to go out. They have made the pharmacies an online place and not a physical one, making it closer and more available to the customers more than ever. The need for driving out to the nearest local drugstore is now gone as customers can simply open their computers and look up the medicines that they need. From choosing the medicines that they need to checking out and paying for their orders online, it would only take the customers a few minutes to do it and that’s it. Their meds will be delivered by the couriers to their address or the location of their choice as long as it’s a valid address.

Online Pharmacy – A Blessing to Many Customers
Trust Pharmacy, International Online Pharmacy

One of the main offers from online pharmacies that customers would greatly benefit from are the cheap prices of medicines. Both for branded drugs and their generics, online pharmacies only sell them for affordable costs. Many customers were first skeptical about these offers since they didn’t think it was possible for them to buy their prescription meds for 80% to 90% cheaper than what they pay for locally. People have been so used to paying large sums of money for their medicines that they began to think it very unusual for the exact same meds to be offered at low prices online. But the truth is it’s possible since online pharmacies have the drug manufacturers as their direct suppliers, enabling them to get their meds at wholesale prices. This, in turn, enables the online pharmacies to sell their products to similarly cheap prices to their customers.

Another thing is that online pharmacies specialize in selling generic medicines. They have both branded and generic medicines on their product list but what they’re doing is that they encourage the customers to use generic medicines which are just as effective but is much cheaper. But buyers might ask, “If they work just as effective, then why are the generics cheaper?” The answer is quite simple. The generic medicines are just reproduced versions of their branded equivalents. Their production cost is very low, unlike the original manufacturers who have spent millions in making the drug from scratch. With their low production costs, generic drug manufacturers are able to sell their medicines cheaply to the market, unlike the original manufacturers who have costly prices for their drugs simply on the basis that they have spent a lot on making it. In going with generics, it’s a win-win situation for the customers as they will only need to spend a little money on a medicine that was otherwise priced expensively.

Unlike the local pharmacies where customers always have to ask for assistance from the pharmacy personnel, customers are in control at the online pharmacies. They can navigate wherever they want to go and browse the neatly categorized medicines which are complete with all the information that the customers are going to need. The drugs are also sorted alphabetically but customers can use the search bar as a shortcut for finding their medicines. As long as they are familiar with how their drug is spelled, they should have no problems. Both the generic and the brand names of the drugs can be entered in the search box and it will show the customers the drugs that they are looking for.

Online Pharmacies: Avoid the Frauds

The fake pharmacies are the risks that make online shopping of medicines dangerous for the first time customers. Fraudulent pharmacies are also scattered throughout the web, mimicking the appearance of the legitimately operating drugstores to make them appear genuine. These counterfeit online drugstores are very dangerous since they are just used by the scammers to steal credit card information from the unsuspecting customers. Some of them even send fake and expired medicines on purpose which are far worse since they could put the unaware customer’s life in greater danger.

To avoid these fraud pharmacies, buyers must simply be cautious when looking for an online pharmacy since these stores have traits that no matter how they appear to be legit, it will give them away. One of those traits is that they don’t have a padlock icon before their domain name and uses only HTTP.

HTTPS Site with Padlock Icon

Genuine sites have a padlock icon on their domain names and are using HTTPS before their website name. What the padlock icon means is that the site is verified by the internet as secure and genuine. The HTTPS also means the same thing which is the site is secure but it is an indication that the online pharmacy is using secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to protect the data that the customer sends from being intercepted by a third party.

Verify Before You Buy – Online Pharmacy Verification

Verify Before You Buy is a program specifically made by LegitScript to help customers avoid scam pharmacies.

Verify Before You Buy

What customers need to do is for them to simply put the domain name of an online pharmacy on Verify Before You Buy’s page and it will be detected if the page is a scam or a licensed online drugstore. LegitScript offers its services for free and customers can always use them to detect fake online pharmacies early on.

BeSafeRx: Know Your Online Pharmacy

BeSafeRx, FDA’s Online Campaign

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also launched a campaign against the growing threat that scam pharmacies pose to customers every day. Government agencies have already been able to shut down fake many pharmacies but new ones are being created every day and it’s not easy to detect and close down all of them as they are simultaneously being made by scammers around the world. FDA simply advises their customers to know the online pharmacies they are buying from. It would be much easier to stick to a reliable online pharmacy than hunt for ridiculous medicine bargains which are likely to be baits made by fraudsters.


Online pharmacies are a blessing to many customers because it has made life much easier and much more convenient for them. They no longer have to spend a time going to their nearest local drugstores, they can simply open their computers and order their drugs online. It’s a convenient process that only lasts a few minutes, leaving them with a lot of free time for other things. Drugs sold at online pharmacies are also affordable, saving the money of their customers. For reliable online drugstores that offer the same benefits, check our top list of recommended pharmacies.