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Canada – Does not Offer the Cheapest Prices on the Web

Canadian online pharmacies are renowned for their affordable medications in their home country, Canada is known to value patients more than the big pharma companies. Unlike the United States, Canada allows generic medicines to circulate, hence quelling looming price hikes from massive drug companies.

Besides the local pharmacies though, buyers in Canada are also given access to cheaply priced drugs through online pharmacies. Some brick and mortar pharmacies have online extensions with the same name, but in some cases, Canadian pharmacies are independently operating, like this online drugstore in the spotlight, Canada Pharmacy.

Is Legit?

At first glance, we deem the shop Canada Pharmacy as unique since it focused on using green instead of the stereotypical red color for Canada pharmacies. Canada Pharmacy seems a cut above the rest considering its features – instead of the textbook layout, the shop enforced fresh, easily understood content and steered clear of the long rundown of medicines available common to most web drugstores, Canadian or not.

Beyond the appearance, however, Canada Pharmacy is still impressive – this shop featured accreditations from the Canada-based organization CIPA and other online regulatory associations like Shopper, TRUSTe, and Norton.

Canada Pharmacy Website

Buyers have to manually search their medicines on Canada Pharmacy by clicking on the “SHOP MEDICATIONS” tab. The store has further classified its medicines into three groups: prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, and pet medicines. If customers find this manual search protocol tedious, they can simply use the search function on the website as long as they know what meds to look for – buyers should at least be acquainted with either the brand or generic name of the product they are looking forward to buying.

Consumers are required to produce their prescriptions for Rx and pet medication orders, but Canada Pharmacy allows buyers to purchase OTC without Rx (similar to local drugstore policy). We believe this is one good sign, considering the FDA warns consumers about web drugstores that allow consumers to order medicines sans the valid Rx. Although some buyers have reason to believe that the government has partnerships with colossal drug companies, the FDA is merely reinforcing the law to protect consumers from possible detriment. Often, health is the one sacrificed for the overt disregard for the law concerning no-Rx purchases. Reports of individuals dying or having their medical conditions exacerbated because of using non-prescribed medicines sourced online should serve as a fair warning to consumers thinking of trying to order medicines online without Rx.

Concerning prices, Canada Pharmacy features lower cost medications compared to the same products found at local drugstores. Needless to say, consumers will eventually save considerably choosing Canada Pharmacy as their source for prescriptions. Although generally, buyers may find Canada Pharmacy stingier than the usual overseas drugstores (for instance, Canada Pharmacy price for generic Viagra is roughly $6.00 while typical web drugstores offer the same product for less than a dollar each), Canada Pharmacy assures the buyers that all of the products found in the store are FDA certified and are therefore safe to use and effective. Reviews

Since Canada Pharmacy asserts its CIPA Rx membership, we found it essential to check if the claim is real. Fortunately, the organization, CIPA Rx, has its own website that functions as a database of shops liked with its service.

Here’s the result of our Canada Pharmacy check:

Canada Pharmacy Result from CIPA Rx Website

Canada Pharmacy Result from CIPA Rx Website

According to the CIPA Rx result above, the shop is indeed an active CIPA member. For Canada-based online pharmacies, this is a considered a milestone since there are only 60 online pharmacies registered as legitimate CIPA Rx members.

Based on the information provided by CIPA’s website, Canada Pharmacy is considered valid since it dispenses the medicines through a licensed pharmacy, requires a prescription, provides its real contact information, and secures buyer transactions on the platform.

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Canada Pharmacy Reviews

Concerning actual buyer reviews, Canada Pharmacy has plenty available on its website. From the reviews in the image above, “lisa d” mentioned that she enjoyed “large customer discounts and coupons received” from Canada Pharmacy, which means that the store was generous when it came to offers.

Clayton, on the other hand, cited that he “loved” Canada Pharmacy and would like to order again from the website for his medicines.

More reviews with similar themes of gratefulness to Canadian Pharmacy’s service were available on the website, as buyers seemed well-pleased with the store’s overall performance. It is notable that most reviews for Canada Pharmacy were recent, which means that the store’s still reliable up to this day. Coupon

Although most consumers attested to receiving discount codes from Canada Pharmacy, we were unable to unearth current coupon codes offered by the store. However, we found appealing deals such as the following:

Canada Pharmacy Referral

Canada Pharmacy Referral

According to Canada Pharmacy, buyers and their referrals are eligible for a $50 discount on their future orders. However, consumers and their referrals will only be conferred the credits when their referral makes a purchase of items worth $100 or more.

Canada Pharmacy Free Shipping

Canada Pharmacy Free Shipping

Besides the $50 credit, Canada Pharmacy is also offering a free shipping for life option. According to Canada Pharmacy information, consumers may opt to pay for a one-time fee of $50 to avail of the free shipping for life promo. On the one hand, buyers may choose to pay $20 for the free shipping for a year or just $10 per order.


Canada Pharmacy may be a Canadian web drugstore but its unique façade and layout make it more interesting than its counterparts. Though Canada Pharmacy does not offer the cheapest prices on the web, it is still recommendable to use considering it bagged the approval of CIPA Rx, which most Canada pharmacies fail to get. However, make sure to consult your doctors before ordering from this shop or before using any of the products purchased from this store.