Drugstore Com Reviews

Drugstore Com Reviews

Drugstore Com Reviews is a handy tool to help prospective users to understand what Drugstore.com quality of products and services is about. Drugstore.com is an online retailer that used to specialize in healthcare and beauty products. The retailer came into existence in February 1999 with its headquarters based in Bellevue, Washington. Drugstore.com dealt with a wide selection of products ranging from healthcare, beauty products, and homecare, among others. It is owned by Walgreens.

Four months after it was established, Drugstore.com signed a strategic relationship agreement with Rite Aid, a well-established drugstore chain located in the US. According to the agreement, Drugstore.com clients could get their prescription at Rite Aid establishment. It also gave Drugstore.com the right to sell the products of Rite Aid.

Besides accessing Rite Aid customers through their website which was as a result of an amendment done on the original agreement, it also has other storefronts at Lensworld.com, VisionDirect.com, Lensquest.com, among others. After continuing its operation for a number of years, Drugstore.com was bought over by Walgreens in March 2011. Five years after this acquisition, Walgreens declared its intention to close Drugstore.com so that they would concentrate more on their own website.

Reviews from customers who had traded with Drugstore.com said it was a reliable site that ensured fast delivery of orders and affordable prices as well. Nancy M. is one of the customers who had transacted with the store and she says that their website was easy to use and delivery was made on time. The website also ensured that the products delivered was what had been ordered. Another senior customer says that despite selling their products at fair prices, their customer service was not commendable. He suggests that the website should offer better discounts for senior customers.

C.B who remained a loyal Drugstore.com customer even after it was bought over by Walgreens says that the services are as good as they have been for the twenty years he has been buying from them. This means that the quality of services that Drugstore.com used to offer did not get worse but remained as good as before. It’s unfortunate, however, that these great services would be terminated with the decision of Walgreens to shut down the store so that they can concentrate on building their own site. These customers who have bought from Drugstore.com have to look for an alternative store where they will be buying their products from.


Drugstore.com Customer Reviews

Is Top Drugstore.com Owned by Walgreens?

In March 2011, Walgreens, which is a leading drugstore bought over drugstore.com at a cost of $409 million. This gave it the right to manage its official website, and other websites owned by the company including Beauty.com and Skinstore.com.

After buying Drugstore.com over, Walgreens did not close down their headquarters in Bellevue but allowed it to continue operating which secured the employment of the 1,000 people working there. Walgreen was now able to acquire over three million customers who had been loyal customers of Drugstore.com. They were also able to have an additional 60,000 products making their existing customers have more varieties to choose from. Through these multiple channels, Walgreen was able to reach out to more people, thereby increasing the volume of their sales.

Drugstore.com retained the branding of their website even after they were bought over by Walgreen, which is another way of ensuring that the customers who were accustomed to how the websites looked like did not develop doubts as a result of the changes.

Close view of one of Walgreens drugstores

Close view of one of Walgreens’ drugstores

Live Drugstore.com, the Uncommon Drugstore

Drugstore.com was not your usual online pharmacy that deals with only pharmaceutical products; they stocked over sixty thousand products in the following categories:

  • Household appliances: these include batteries, power sources, electronics, laundry appliances, garden products, plastics, water filters, toys, and games, among others.
  • Drugs and other health products: These are drug prescribed for the treatment of allergies, children complications, coughs, management of diabetes, indigestion and other stomach disorders, eye complications, pain, infertility, and sleep disorders, among others.
  • Personal care: Drugstore.com also stocked a wider range of antiperspirant, acne removal products, cotton buds, ear care products, ear care products, lip balm, oral care, hair removal products, and teeth whitening products, among others.
  • Other products sold on this website include diapers, baby food, gift sets, wipes, sexual health products, among many other products.

Besides stocking such a wide selection, Drugstore.com com conducted its operations through various websites which made it possible for them to reach over four million customers. They could be able to process orders really fast and maintain great customer relations.

Selection of product at Drugstore

Selection of product at Drugstore.com

Is Drugstore.com Closing?

In June 2016, which is four years after Walgreens bought over Drugstore.com, a decision was reached by Walgreen’s management to close down Drugstore.com. According to them, the move will enable the management to concentrate more on building the official Walgreens’ website and ensure that their customers are able to access more products and also make their web page more user-friendly.

This decision was reached with an aim of cutting down the cost of operations by approximately $500 million. They will centralize their operations to reduce the number of employees as well as other overhead costs.

The Drugstore.com dollar reward program which enabled customers to earn redeemable points was also coming to a closure. Customers were advised to redeem their points before the end of September 2016 after which the points will have expired as the program will no longer be in existence.


Drugstore.com which was once a reputed online store is no longer in existence after Walgreens, the company that bought it over decided to close it down in an effort to cut down on the cost of operations. Walgreens also wanted to concentrate on building its own website and make it possible for their customers to access more products. Customers who used to buy from Drugstore.com were forced to look for other sites to shop from or shift to the official Walgreens’ website to shop from there. This shifting could result in making wrong choices that could make customers fall victim to fake drug sellers who purport to sell drugs at very cheap prices. To avoid falling victim to such evil schemers, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies where you will be able to select one among the listed credible stores to buy from.