Genpills Review

Genpills Review: A Closed Online Pharmacy

Genpills was an online pharmacy but is no longer operating. When was still working, they offer medicines that are manufactured by known pharmaceutical companies. All of the medicines they offer also hold an approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Genpills is actually not an online pharmacy but an escrow service. It means that they serve as a mediator between their partner local pharmacies and their customers online.

If you will order from Genpills, Genpills will then contact its partner pharmacies and check if your order is available. Once your order is submitted and verified, they will check the payment you processed and the order will be packed and sent to you. They used to sell all kinds of medicines, both for over the counter and prescription drugs. The most common feedback we read for Genpills was the price of their stocks, it is slightly higher as compared to other online pharmacies. This could be due to the fact that they take some percentage of the price as their earnings.

With Genpills no longer working, we found a few online pharmacies that you can take a look at. You can also check our list of highly recommended online pharmacies for more options. The alternatives we found for Genpills were internet drugstores suggested by Google.

Genpills Customer Reviews

Genpills is a website that is no longer existing. All information we used is from the web archive. Since we are curious as to how this online operated during its run, we decided to search for its customer reviews. Luckily, finding a customer review for Genpills was not a problem at all.

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The first customer testimony we found was from Adrianlaw. Adrianlaw said that he accidentally ordered the wrong medicine. Luckily, he ordered it with the right website and Genpills returned his money after they received the medicine back. With the good experience, Adrianlaw said he will continue placing his orders with this online pharmacy.

The second shared review we found was from Nobsiova. Nobsiova said that she has been using Genpills for years and that she is a loyal customer. She shared that she once placed an order and received damaged products. After properly documenting the damage, she called the support team of Genpills and had her order replaced. Aside from the great customer service, she also appreciates the free shipping that Genpills is giving to its customers. Nobsiova is highly recommending this internet online pharmacy to all of her friends and to anyone who might be needing affordable medications.

Genpills Discount Code

During its operation, Genpills had also run a promotion to entice new customers and to keep their old customers as loyal as possible.

Genpills Promotion

Genpills Promotion

The only promotion they run during their stunt is free shipping. All orders regardless of the amount will be delivered to their customers home free of charge. This is one interesting promotion because a shipping fee costs from $10 to $20. If a delivery is free, then it another $10 savings to any customer. Genpills is known for offering cheap medicines so how much can you save with the additional free shipping?

Based on the information we got from web archive, it looks like this was the only promotion that Genpills offered to its customers. They did not give out promotion codes of free pills.

Online Pharmacy Reviews

Online Pharmacy Ratings

Online Pharmacy Ratings

There are thousands of online pharmacies on the web today. Every day, the federal government and its health agencies are closing down hundreds of fraudulent online pharmacies. Every day, new online pharmacies are also coming to life. This means that the effort to clean the internet of fraudulent online pharmacies has a long way to go and it is up to you as well to ensure that you won’t become a victim of a scam.

Finding an online pharmacy that you can trust is challenging because of the number of options that you can find online. Every group, like us, has its own recommended online pharmacies. The selection of best online pharmacy can be subjective at times hence make it a point to determine why a group chose a certain internet drugstore. Online pharmacy reviews can be subjective as well and bias so always watches out for factors that can tell you when a website is lying and when it is not.


Based on the information we gathered, Genpills is not a website to trust, just like GSmeds. Genpills was no longer operating and GSmeds was closed by the federal government for selling fake drugs. They are just two of the thousands of fake online pharmacies that you can find on the web today.

1st Pharm is one of the internet drugstores recommended as an alternative for GSmeds and Genpills. 1st Pharm has a good background and some positive testimonials on their website. The price of the medicines they offer is also good and affordable. Still, if you want more options in refilling your prescription, you can also check our recommended online pharmacies.

The convenience that the internet is giving is now being taken advantage of by people who want to leech-off other people. They will do everything that they can steal your information and use it for their illegal activities. Be aware of these people and their works and you can do so by being vigilant before using an online pharmacy. Always watch out for red flags and if you have doubts, move on and find another website that you can use. Remember, there are thousands of online pharmacies on the web, and at least 4% of them are real. You just need to look hard.