Get Canadian Drugs

Get Canadian Drugs: Why Consumers Prefer Canadian Online Pharmacies?

When we say Canadian drugs, we don’t really mean drugs that were produced or manufactured by Canadian pharmaceutical companies. It means Canadian online pharmacies that offer generic and branded medicines.

With the popularity of online shopping, it was no surprise that medicines are now marketed using the internet. In the early 2000s, the market for online pharmacies has started and since then, thousands of companies and business-minded people have joined the bandwagon. Scammers and fraudulent individuals were included.

Convenience, discounts, and marketing promos are among the factors that entice a customer to shop online and refill their prescription with an online pharmacy. These are things that most Canadian online pharmacies offer. For the last 20 years, the internet drugstore market has become bigger and Canadian pharmacies have become more popular. Here are some of the reasons we found:

  • Canadian online pharmacies offer more options when it comes to Canadian drugs
  • Canadian online pharmacies offer drugs that are rare and hard to find
  • Canadian online pharmacies offer attractive prices
  • Canadian online pharmacies always use easy to use websites
  • Canadian online pharmacies offer different payment methods
  • Canadian online pharmacies offer fast and guaranteed delivery
  • Canadian online pharmacies always have good and positive customer reviews

Are Canadian Drugs Safe?

Do Canadian online pharmacies offer safe and effective medicines? This is one of the questions that most customers have. In fact, we always ask this, regardless if we are dealing with a Canadian, US or Mexican based internet drugstore.

According to most Canadian online pharmacies that we checked, they offer safe and effective medicines despite the very affordable drugs they offer

According to most Canadian online pharmacies that we checked, they offer safe and effective medicines despite the very affordable drugs they offer. Canadian internet pharmacies are honest websites and they always acknowledge the countries where their medicines are manufactured from. They always say it is from India or Asia and whether these are Indian FDA approved or not.

In addition, before selling and dispensing medicines online, these are checked and verified by MIPA and CIPA. Internet drugstores with the CIPA and MIPA logo mean that they are selling licensed and legit drugs. Most online e-dispensaries from Canada have these logos. In addition, they also make sure that the drugs they offer are verified by Pharmacy Checker.

Can I Order Canadian Drugs without Prescription?

Most medicines offered by Canadian online pharmacies are generic. There are branded but it is limited to branded ED medicines. They also offer over the counter drugs and prescription drugs. In a study, one of the reasons why consumers prefer Canadian drugs is because they value their privacy and the confidentiality of their condition. Most consumers who order medicines online are suffering from conditions that they don’t want to talk with strangers during a consultation. One example of this condition is erectile dysfunction.

All erectile dysfunction medicines, even the generic brands are Rx medicines. However, most men don’t want to talk about this problem with just anyone hence they resort to ordering their medicines online. This is one reason why most internet drugstores have ED medicines as their bestsellers. This is the same reason why most Canadian online pharmacies are no longer asking for a prescription when dispending ED drugs. One example of a Canadian e-store that you can trust is Pharmacy Mall. Pharmacy Mall offers ED medicines and distributes it without asking for a prescription. If you are having a hard time choosing a Canadian e-store to trust for your medication needs, you can also check our list of top online pharmacies.

Ordering from Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall is a Canadian online pharmacy that offers generic and branded medicines. They offer ED drugs among others such as drugs to treat hypertension, diabetes, depression, allergies, infection, weight loss, hair loss, and skin care. Pharmacy Mall started as a local drugstore in Canada who joined the wave of drugstores that joined the online pharmacy market. For more than 17 years, Pharmacy Mall remains to be one of the most popular internet drugstores, not only in Canada but in the whole world. In fact, their tagline says they are the #1 drugstore since 1997!

What makes Pharmacy Mall a favorite among Canadian internet drugstores? After reading some of the customer reviews for Pharmacy Mall, among the reason why they are a favorite are:

  • They have speedy delivery
  • They have a wide range of medicines to offer
  • They offer perks and benefits that customers can take advantage of
  • They offer guaranteed shipping
  • They offer guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • They have the necessary experience
  • They have good customer service teams
  • They have a lot of positive reviews
  • They have the best price on the web


Finding a reliable Canadian drug provider is no longer an issue after the proliferation of internet drugstores. In fact, as early as 2000s Canadian online pharmacies have been making noise on the internet.

Most medicines offered by Canadian online pharmacies are erectile dysfunction medicines, pain relievers, weight loss drugs, hypertension medicines, and hair loss treatment. Canadian e-stores are among the few stores that have a wide range of options when it comes to ED medicines. One Canadian e-dispensary that we are familiar with is Pharmacy Mall for cheap and reliable medicines, this is one of the stores that you can check out. If you are not happy with their list, you can also check our recommended online pharmacies.

If you prefer to find your own internet drugstore, you can do so as long as you know how to look for a legit internet drugstore. With thousands of online pharmacies on the World Wide Web, the FDA said that only 4% is legit and real. Always make sure that you are dealing with the 4% legit online pharmacies to avoid being scammed.