Hepatitis, causes and symptoms

An individual suffers from hepatitis when the cell present in the liver gets damaged either due to excessive drinking or due to some external virus and bacteria. This disease is basically known as inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis is categorized into two types i.e. viral and non viral. Further it is categorized into acute and chronic hepatitis.

Acute hepatitis

In this hepatitis the normal functioning of the liver is hindered and it lasts just for six months. In this hepatitis patients lose their immune and their liver starts getting weak. This hepatitis can occur due to excessive alcohol drinking. Excessive medication can weaken the liver cells and over dose of antibiotics too can lead to this disorder.

Chronic hepatitis

This hepatitis means a patient’s liver has been undergoing inflammation since six months. This hepatitis is very uncommon as compared to Acute and can last for years together.  In some patients the hepatitis is mild and does not cause much harm but in some patients it is very severe leading to cirrhosis. This hepatitis occurs due to drug intake and excessive drinking of alcohol. Liver damage cases sometime are much higher in patients having chronic hepatitis.

Symptoms of hepatitis

When a patient feels tired and they are prone to suffer from a liver disease. Generally when the livere gets affected patients feel weak and tired.

Patient suffering from hepatitis tend to lose weight. They do not feel like eating anything. Sometimes this symptom lasts for just a while and it gets replaced with vomiting. People who have hepatitis C tend to have pruritus. In this patients feel itching in their palms and feet.

This is caused due to the liver inflammation by Hepatitis C. it makes tbhe patient restless and he finds it difficult to sleep. Patients sometimes also experience frightening dreams at nights.

Infection by the hepatitis A virus can cause blood sugar. Thus regular blood sugar level is necessary.

Now these were just symptoms to mention, apart from these there are other symptoms like jaundice, pain in joints,  body weakness etc.

Causes of hepatitis

Hepatitis which is a liver disorder can occur if a person gets engaged with a virus causing liver inflammation.  Hepatitis can either be caused due to infections or due to anti immune process

Now, that you are well aware of the causes and symptoms of hepatitis do not delay much and rush to the doctor if you feel the same.