How to Choose The Best Acne Scar Removal Treatment

A clean and clear face without dark spots, marks or scars is desired by every man and woman on this planet. Why do we all think so much about the health of our skin? The reason behind being thoughtful about skin health is that skin enhances the outer look of the human body and any kind of skin disorders can leave irremovable scars.

Acne is one such kind of painful skin disorder caused by secretion of oil and dead cells on skin pores, thereby clogging the pores. It can happen on any skin tone i.e. dry or oily skin, but it is most commonly seen in teenagers but also adults. Acne can shatter an individuals confidence because they worry about what people think of them.

Acne scar removal treatment

Heredity, hormonal changes, excessive use of oil based cosmetic products, improper diet, lack of hygiene, stress in life and undue intake of medicines containing iodides, lithium, bromides and steroids are some popular factors that trigger acne in different skin tones.

Acne causes skin inflammation on face, back, chest and neck resulting into blemishes, lesion and damage of skin cells resulting in acne scars. Most common types of acne scars are rolling scars, ice pick scars, keloid scars and boxcar scars. In some serious acne cases, scars cannot be removed permanently, but for other cases acne scar removal treatment can be helpful. Some of the most popular treatments for acne scars include:

Collagen Injections

Human and bovine collagen are used as fillers to elevate the scars and make them even with skin surface. They are induced into the scars in the form of injections. Hyaluronic acid and fat removed from patients body are all used as fillers. It is not a permanent solution for acne scars and so is needed to be repeated after few months.

Laser treatment

Scars that are not too deep and those that are not yet active can be treated using laser rays. Light beam is aimed at scars resulting in exfoliation of skin. Laser treatment needs more than one sitting and it is expensive when done in private clinics. Laser treatment leaves skin red for few days but gives permanent solution for removal of acne scars.

Corticosteriods For Acne

Keloid and highly raised scars needs to be treated using steroids. Steroids are directly injected into the scars causing the tissue to get smaller softening the acne scar tissue. This results in better skin appearance. External medications like corticosteroid creams and tapes are also used to treat acne scars.


Dermabrasion process involves a need for giving local anesthesia to the patient. It is a kind of small operation in which revolving wire brush is used to scrape the crest layer of skin resulting into soft looking scars and reduced depth of bumpy scars. The treatment is more popular for fair skins because in case of dark skin, there are chances of change in pigmentation.


Popular spas and professional dermatologist can help you to undertake micro-dermabrasion wherein ultra-fine aluminum oxide crystals are released on the skin through a tube and are then removed. The treatment is popular in case of hyper pigmentation.

Punch Techniques For Acne Scars

Ice pick scars are highly treated using punch techniques. Punch excision, punch elevation and punch grafting are all used to treat acne scars. Punch excision removes the scar tissue and sutures the skin. Punch excision is also done along with punch grafting wherein a small skin graft is performed to surface the scar tissue while the punch elevation is performed in case of deeper boxcar scars.