Legal Online Pharmacy Reviews

Legal Online Pharmacy Reviews: How Do You Find Legitimate Vendors?

Online pharmacies are a convenience that has come with the improvement of technology and communication through the internet. People all over the world are utilizing these services in finding lower prices for their medications, finding pills they would ordinarily not be able to get in their country and to just be able to order their medications with just a click and have it delivered straight to their homes. One big concern that many people have is the legitimacy of these establishments. How are you to know if they are really legal only pharmacies?

Reviews are a good way to find out not only whether the store has good service and products or not but also if they have the right credentials to be called a legal pharmacy. There are non-profit organizations that are tasked to handle the licensure and verification of online pharmacies, such as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies. They have a number of programs that help store owners and pharmacists with their own online stores to get verified and be able to ensure their customers that they are a legitimate business. Aside from those, Pharmacy Checker and Pharmacy Reviewer are also websites to check if you want to find out whether you have a legal online pharmacy on your hands.

Legal Online Pharmacy USA

There are thousands of online pharmacies out on the web today, and you can tell right at a glance that there is something fishy with them. US consumers try to do their best to look for websites that sell cheap drugs as well as have an air of dependability and trustworthiness since there are so many websites out today that are illegal. Take for example Legal Online Pharmacy. This website has a name that is very much meant to assure you if its validity, but the contents of the website will tell you otherwise.

A Pharmacy Website with Several Problems

A Pharmacy Website with Several Problems

For example, looking at the top bar directory of the website will seem innocent enough, but you can notice that they do not have a tab dedicated to their customer privacy or their other policies that need to be put up for all to see. It also doesn’t show a tab for pharmacist consultation of your prescription medications. Another strange thing that should be alarming buyers is the content of their homepage’s featured drugs, which are mostly painkillers. The very first one is Adderall which is being sold for $2.40. This may seem like a good thing for most people that it would be sold at a lower price, but the fact is that Adderall cannot legally be bought at just any pharmacy. Since it is a highly addictive substance, it is restricted for sale to the point that most people can only get this straight from their doctor. These are some of the ways that you can spot a pharmacy that may not be what you think it is.

Legal Online Pharmacy Reviews Reddit

Reddit is a melting pot of many different topics and opinions. They have forums that even talk about pharmacies and medications, with many persons discussing recommendations and helping one another out. One of the popular topics of medication subreddits is to provide a link and ask whether the pharmacy is legitimate or not.

Some Pharmacies are Scams while Others are Legitimate

Some Pharmacies are Scams while Others are Legitimate

As is related by many users, there are many sites that are genuine, but there are many more that are fake. Just like the Legal Online Pharmacy in the previous section, you can never really tell just by looking at the website unless you have a lot of experience in appraising them. But with the experience of others who have already tried the websites, you can know whether they are any good or not.

This User Recommends a Website they have tried before

This User Recommends a Website they have tried before

Most online pharmacies are ones that are based outside of the US, most notable are the Canadian and Indian pharmacies. While these are not necessarily illegal pharmacies in themselves, seeing as many of these pharmacies are the real deal, many people take advantage of how some people are not familiar with online shopping and scam customers out of their cash with fake medications. That is why, even if a fellow customer has suggested a pharmacy online, it is best to do your own research on the site before committing.

Legal Online Pharmacy Legit

What are the ways that you can make sure a pharmacy is legitimate? One way is to search the name up on the NABP website, where they have listed approved pharmacies and have a long list of ‘Not Recommended’ sites. However, this applies mostly to sites that are not approved in the US, which has a strict set of regulations being followed for verification of an online pharmacy. If you don’t have much time to peruse all of these websites, then you can check our ready-made list of online pharmacy top recommendations here.


Online pharmacies have made many people’s lives more convenient since they can order more affordable medications and have them delivered to their doorstep. But even though there is a great number of these sites popping up every day, it is quite difficult to find the real deal. Take for example Legal Online Pharmacy, which may have the name of a winner but seems to have a lot of holes on its website. Legal online pharmacy reviews can help you find the safe and secure websites to trust, and you can go to websites like the NABP and Pharmacy Checker to find out whether a certain website you have found is accredited to sell medications. You can also consult forums like Reddit to get a layman’s view of the topics.

It is incredibly important to have a valid prescription when trying to buy your medications online since legal establishments will ask for them. Any vendor that allows you to buy medications without even asking for your prescriptions raises a big red flag. Finally, you can check our list of recommended pharmacies if you ever feel stuck in your decision.