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Online US Pharmacy: Why Choose TexasChemist?

The US is one of the largest markets for online pharmacies. US citizens are busy people that they even trust online pharmacies outside their country in order to refill their prescriptions. What most Americans don’t know is that there are US online pharmacies that they can also trust. In fact, US online pharmacies need to be more reliable and trustworthy because they are under the strict power of DEA and the federal law.

Most online pharmacies in the US are owned by big American pharmacies or drugstores like Watsons, Kroger, and CVS. The price of the medicines they offer at their local drugstores are often the same as the price of the medicines they offer online. Americans are outsourcing their prescriptions because they are looking for cheaper medications, leading them to Canadian and Indian online pharmacies.

The issue is, importation of medicines is not allowed in the US unless you can show them the urgency of buying a medicine outside the country. For this issue, there are two solutions, get an online refill prescription center to order your medicine for your or search for a US-based online pharmacy that can provide you with affordable medications. For the second option, we can recommend TexasChemist.

Let us take a look at Texas Chemist and find what they can offer.

TexasChemist Pharmacy

Texas Chemist is an online pharmacy that has been operating for the last 12 years. It is a US-based online pharmacy. They sell generic medicines only. All of the drugs they offer are from the US and are Food and Drug Administration approved. These stocks from the US are produced in India but were brought to the country legally. This allows US citizens to order affordable and safe medicines.

Texas Chemist Store

The medicines offered by Texas Chemist are compliant to the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. Once you made a transaction with them, do not expect to receive emails or phone calls from this online pharmacy as they do not tolerate sending spam emails and making unwanted calls.

A quick look at their page will tell you that the focus of this e-dispensary is on erectile dysfunction medicines. They offer different brands of generic ED drugs. They have generic Levitra, generic Cialis, and generic Viagra. They also offer other types or extended types of erectile dysfunction medicines like Super Active, Super Force (Cialis Super Force), Professional (Viagra Professional), oral Jelly and Soft (Levitra Soft). In addition to these ED drugs, they also offer Lasix, Priligy, HCG urine pregnancy test kit, Cytotec, and Propecia.

Most ED drugs offered by Texas Chemist are sold at $2.08 per tablet. This is more affordable as compared to ED drugs offered by local drugstores.

TexasChemist Reviews

As an online buyer, we want to ensure that we getting the best for our money. In addition, we are purchasing medicines that we will be taking in, hence we need to be sure that we are going to purchase a genuine medicine. Remember that taking counterfeit medicines has its risks too.

Before using Texaschemist, we decided to check its customer reviews. Do they deliver quality medicines? Are these medicines safe and effective?

Texas Chemist Reviews

Texas Chemist Reviews

We found four reviews for texaschemist. These are reviews shared by David, Mark, Mike, and DN. The first story shared by David talks about the effect of the medicine he ordered. David said that he felt younger – an indication that the medicine he got was indeed working effectively.

The second review we found was shared by Mark. Mark was also happy with the effect of the medicine he received. He added that his wife was very satisfied too.

As for Mike, he was happy with the service he received and the quick delivery of his order. He said he was impressed because they are quick. As for DN, he was happy with the helpful customer support team that made sure he will receive his order.

These customer experiences shared by David, Mark, Mike, and DN sounds really great. It looks like Texas Chemist is an online pharmacy that watches out for its customers.

TexasChemist Contact Information

The support team of Texas Chemist is available 24/7. They have a ‘contact us’ page that you can use in case you have queries. For urgent matter, you can contact them at 702 965 3395 or just click on their live chat support.

Texas Chemist Contact Information

Texas Chemist Contact Information

It is always best to deal with online pharmacies or any online stores that can be reached anytime you need them. What we don’t want to happen is ending up with just a confirmation page saying our order was complete yet we don’t know when to get it or where to get it.


For an online US pharmacy that you can trust, check Texaschemist pharmacy. It is an online pharmacy that offers generic medicines at the lowest price possible. All medicines offered by Texas Chemist are from India yet they are stocked in the US.

TexasChemist offer their medicines at the lowest price possible because these are directly exported from their trusted partners in India. These medicines are legally exported in the US and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Most of their medicines are for erectile dysfunction and costs $2.08 at most.

Before ordering your medicine, always check if you are dealing with a legit online pharmacy. There are other online pharmacies that claim that they are based in the US so be vigilant when dealing with any of them. Do not get fooled by low prices and coupon codes. Always look for Food and Drug Administration approval, legit numbers to contact them, and customer reviews. For a list of online pharmacies, you can check our top recommended online pharmacies.