Pharmacy Reviewer Forum

Pharmacy Reviewer Forum: Where Honest Discussions Prevail

A pharmacy reviewer forum is a platform where open discussions are held regarding pharmacy related topics. To be allowed to participate in the forums, you must be a registered member as you will be required to log in. Some of the available pharmacy reviewer forums discuss the following:

  • Safe and cheap purchase of drugs: In this forum, you will hold discussions on payment related issues, shipping of the drugs, among other topics.
  • Online pharmacies: Members in this forum will discuss the different pharmacies where they will offer advice on the reliable pharmacies that can be trusted to sell original drugs and blacklisted pharmacies that sell fake drugs or fail to deliver the orders placed by customers.
  • Quality control: This is a forum aimed at discussing ways to accurately identify pills, and any other topics that are geared towards detecting the quality of drugs. A person participating in such a forum will easily identify a fake pill.
  • Forums on ways to find a reliable doctor and issues related to insurance: Participating in this forum will give you insight on how to find a good doctor as well as any queries regarding insurance covers.
  • Health and medicine related issues: This is a forum focused on issues such as fighting pain, ways of overcoming anxiety, antibiotics, weight loss, hair loss, and any other topic related to drugs and the general health.
  • There other forums that discuss issues related to medical procedures, tests, dependency or withdrawal from prescription drugs, medical tests, among others.

You will search the forum that best fits the issue you need advice about and then seek to join

You will search the forum that best fits the issue you need advice about and then seek to join. Once you become a member of the forum, you will be able to see what other members are discussing and ask questions regarding any issue that is not clear to you.  There are rules and regulations that should be followed by forum participants and anyone who breaks these rules will be removed from the forum.

Is Online Pharmacy Reviewer Forum Legit?

Online pharmacy reviewer forums provide a platform where people who have had experiences with online pharmacies can air their concerns or even appraisal for quality delivery of services.

The forums do not provide professional advice but views from people who know a little about the topic being discussed. Such information coming from people who have undergone the same problem you may be going through can help you more than the advice given by a person who has never had an experience with the issue troubling you.

Information received from such a site is more reliable than a review from an official site owned by a specific pharmacy where only a view that speaks positively about that pharmacy will be allowed to remain whereas every negative review will be pulled down.

Before joining an online review forum read the rules that govern the forum so that you will not post a comment that will get you kicked out of the forum.

You should, however, be careful to get professional advice before taking a step on any issue regarding your health. As much as people are offering advice from personal experiences, what worked for them might not work for you and could complicate your issue even further. If you are struggling with a sickness, seek the advice of a doctor before you decide to implement what worked for another.

Example of a review forum

Example of a review forum

How Does Reviewer for Pharmacy Work?

Forums are established for various purposes and the administrators work towards making sure that the discussion focuses on the purpose for which it was established. Below is how a credible forum works:

  • You will need to register and open an account with the forum you wish to join.
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you will be able to login as one of the forum members.
  • Where the member menu is, you will press the forums icon
  • You will then choose a category you wish to post in and then select the topic that interests you.
  • If you wish to reply to the ongoing discussion, you will click the reply icon and type your reply.
  • You will notice that your name, as well as the subject being discussed, will automatically appear. You can also make a change on the topic of discussion.
  • Once you are done with typing your reply, you will press the submit icon at the lower side of the page.
  • The forum members can now see your contribution on the ongoing topic and can respond to you if there will be a need.

Breaching the Rules of Online Pharmacy Reviewer Forum

A person who breaks the set rules of the pharmacy reviewer forum will undergo the following:

  • A private message will be sent to you to warn you against that act.
  • If you will not heed the warning but continue with the same attitude, you will be temporarily banned from accessing the forum for a specified period after which you will be allowed back.
  • If you will continue breaking the rules, the moderators will permanently block your account and you will no longer be able to participate in the ongoing discussions.
  • There are instances where a person who has been banned will open another account and continue with the same offensive act. Should this happen, the moderators will ban the IP address being used by that contributor and you can no longer access the forum using the machine you are currently operating.
  • All offensive content is usually deleted by the moderators.


A pharmacy reviewer forum is a great platform where you can learn from people who have gone through a similar experience like you. Most of these forums will provide unbiased information where you will be able to learn about online pharmacies and other related topics. You can also ask questions relating to your health, drugs administered and any other topic that is related to the forum. However, you should not over-rely on forums and disregard the doctor’s advice as what worked for another may not work for you. If you need information regarding online pharmacies, you can always rely on our list of Top Online Pharmacies where only reliable pharmacies are listed.