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Pill RX: Best Pill Identifier to Help Avoid Counterfeit Medications

Pill Rx is a pill identifying tool that aids in identifying drugs by the color of the pill, size, how the pill is shaped, and the imprints on the drug. All you have to do is to match what is engraved on the pill to the available picture in pill RX and the name of the drug will pop up. If after putting the engraving on the pill you are not able to find out the name of the drugs, you should call the person who administered the pills for further clarification.

During the process of dispensing drugs, the doctor or the pharmacist is keen on giving the right drugs to make sure that you get over the complication that brought you to them. However, they could make a mistake and give you the wrong drug, though this is a rare occurrence. To protect yourself from such incidences, you ought to guard yourself and make sure you are given the right drugs according to the condition you are suffering from.

Illegal Pill Identifier with Pictures 526

With the increased rate of drug abuse in the society today there is need to identify illegal drugs, not for purposes of law enforcement, but to aid you in assisting a loved one on ways to get over the illegal drugs. If a person is taking illegal drugs, in most instances he will be unwilling to inform you what the name of the drug is. Knowing how most of these drugs look like will help you recognize what they are using and this is the first step in helping them out of the addiction. It is important to note that these drug addicts will come up with new ways of using the drugs or even switch to other strange drugs which may make it difficult to know what they are using. In such instances, the best tool is to note how they are behaving, the appearance of the drugs, and the drinking equipment types in their possession which will be the first step in getting them help.

Below is a list of the most common illegal drugs and how to identify them:

  • Cocaine:

This is a whitish unscented powder usually packed on the edge of a tightly tied plastic bag. Most people that use this drug usually snort it but it can be inhaled together with drugs like marijuana, eaten by spreading it on the teeth or gums by use of a finger, or injected.

The tools associated with the consumption of cocaine are plastic bag edges, credit card, identification card, or any other form of a card which is used to arrange cocaine in lines for purposes of snorting. They can also use razor blades to make the line. Other tools are needle and syringe, rubber tube, straws for snorting, or even mirror for use in cutting lines.

Cocaine arranged in lines

Cocaine arranged in lines

  • Marijuana and Hash:

This composition comprises of leaves that are already dry and flowers of a marijuana plant. The colors range from dark or light green, patches of white, orange or purple and the smell is strong and distinctive just like sage.

Hashish is made from a collection of resin glands of marijuana flowers that forms a sticky substance. When in bulk, the drug is arranged in form of bricks.

These drugs are usually ingested through smoking; some may take them by mouth or through vaporization.

A person taking marijuana will have any of the following tools: water bong, pipes, vaporizing equipment, lighters and candles for use in packaging the drug, rolling papers, and a rolling machine, among others.

How to Use International Pill Identifier 693

For accurate identification of a pill, follow the following simplified steps:

  • Key in the imprinted letters, numbers or any other mark on the surface of the pills, tablets, or capsules. Put the marking on one side first if both sides of the pill have different inscriptions; if you will to key in all the imprints, you can the * symbol to separate them.
  • From the pull-down menu, choose the pill’s color.
  • Choose the pill’s shape from the options provided in the menu.

After this, you will be linked to the drug that matches the description keyed in and you will see an image of the pill as well as the description in details.

With this, you will know if the drugs dispensed are the right drugs that the doctor prescribed or if a mistake was committed. This will ensure that you only take the drugs that are meant for the type of complication you are suffering from.

Pill Identifier M365

The pill that has M365 imprinted on it is white in color, shaped like a capsule and its brand name is Acetaminophen & Hydrocodone Bitartrate 325 mg/5mg. The drug is a product of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals that is used to treat back pain, cough and also rheumatoid arthritis.

Acetaminophen belongs to narcotic analgesic combination group of drug and should be used with caution during pregnancy as its safety is not guaranteed.

Photo of M365 Pill

Photo of M365 Pill


Pill RX is a great tool to help you in identifying the pills dispensed by doctors or pharmacists. For more accurate results, you should start by keying in the imprints, followed by the color, and finally the shape especially when there are multiple results. All FDA approved pills should an imprint to help in identification; if it does not have an imprint; it is either an energy pill, herbal supplement, diet pill or a vitamin pill. It could also be an illegal or a foreign drug. Whenever you have doubt or feel that the drugs issued are not making your condition improve or are making you feel worse, you should check if it is the right pill using this pill RX tool. This will be most helpful if the drugs are bought from an online pharmacy where you are not sure whether the drugs delivered are fake or the real drugs. You can only be assured of getting original drugs when you buy from a verified store and to help you with this, we have provided a list of Top Online Pharmacies where you can choose one among the many credible pharmacies listed there.