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The internet has made it easier for people to buy their drugs without having to leave their homes. The drugs are cheaper and the online pharmacies will deliver them to your doorstep. One common trend that has been discouraging people from buying their drugs online is the rampant cases of scam sites which steal from people and also sometimes deliver fake medications which often have negative effects on the users’ health. One of the ways that can be used to ensure that someone does not take these fake meds and end up in a hospital is through the use of a Pill finder tool. An example of a pill finder tool is the one we have indicated below:

The cases of fake drugs flooding the web have been made worse by the rising number of fake stores. According to a recent report from NABP (National Association Board of Pharmacies), there are over 35,000 internet drug stores. Out of these stores, only less than 5% are genuine. This says that in 9.5 cases out of 10, there is a likelihood that you will receive a fake pill. This is why the pill finder or pill identifier tools come in handy. But how do you use them?

Using Pill Identifiers

You will not find a pill identifier on just any website available on the web. These tools are usually on sites which offer health information. A good example of such a site is Drugs.com which has been offering important information related to drugs and health issues for a period that is close to two decades. Drugs.com Pill finder is as indicated below:

Pill Finder from Drugs

Pill Finder from Drugs.com

What you need to do for the tool to help you in determining whether the pill you are holding in your hand is real or it will mess your health is key in some simple details into the tool. The first thing you need to enter is the Imprint. These are the numbers and letters present on both sides of the pill. The pill identifier has given an example of a pill that has 9 3 written on one side and 5510 written on the other. You should enter these numbers in the first text box.

The second thing you need to do is select the color of the pill. When you click on the downward arrow present in the select color box, you get a list of colors. You will need to click on your Pill’s color. The final thing you have to select is the shape of the medication. You will get shape options when you click the downward arrow in the shape box. After selecting the shape you will be required to click the search button. The pill finder will search the database and provide you with the most relevant results.

It is essential to note that the pill identifier tool is not always 100% accurate. Therefore, some pills may be misidentified which can pose a health threat to you. The best way to avoid taking fake pills is through buying drugs from an online pharmacy you are sure that it delivers 100% genuine pills. You don’t have to look for these pharmacies online and risk getting scammed. We have already identified the pharmacies and placed them in our catalog.

Buying Genuine Pills

You will agree with us when we tell you that buying pills which you know that they are 100% genuine and you won’t even need to use a pill finder tool is much better. This is something you can achieve if you use genuine online drug stores. The question we need to answer is how you can locate a genuine online pharmacy.

Genuine Viagra Pills

Genuine Viagra Pills

The answer to the question is not a simple as it might seem to you. This is because there is no one simple cue we can say you need to look at to confirm whether a pharmacy is real or it is fake. You need to check a combination of factors.

The factors to consider include the testimonials that the med store has managed to gather over the years. Reviews will let you know whether the people who have bought from the pharmacy before you received real or fake pills.

You should also check the number of people who buy from the online pharmacy. If an online pharmacy is offering perfect pills, the number of customers buying from the drugstore is destined to grow. This is because previous customers will refer other people and also they will keep coming back for more.

In our catalog, you will find pharmacies which have served millions of customers. These stores have always delivered meds which users don’t need to use a pill identifier for since they are all genuine pills. The stores have 100% positive consumer comments. To be safe and also save your time by avoiding the use of a Pill finder to determine whether the drugs you got are real, we recommend you use these pharmacies.

Paying for Genuine Pills

Many people are concerned about paying for their meds online and then losing their money in the process. This is something you can avoid if you buy your drugs from a genuine online pharmacy. Also, avoid paying for pills using methods such as western union, bitcoin, and wire transfer. This is because once that money is debited from your account, it is gone forever. Even if you receive your pills, check them using a pill finder tool and find that they are fake, you will never get your money back. The best payment method to use is Credit cards. You can dispute the charges made by the pharmacy any time and get your money back.


Pillfinder.com is a keyword used by people who wish to find a way to determine whether the pills they bought are fake or real. The pill finder may help you know whether the pills you got are genuine or not but it can’t get the money you lose back. For safety, you should focus on buying your drugs from a genuine pharmacy. If you use the pharmacies in our catalog, you will not even need to use a pill finder to identify the pills since you will always receive genuine meds.