Su 24 Pill

Su 24 Pill: What is Su 24 – Usage and Proper Handling

SU 24 is the imprint of Sudafed, a McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division. It is a medicine used to treat nasal congestion or stuffy nose. It is also used to treat sinus congestion. Sinus congestion is the congestion of tubes in the ear that helps in draining fluid entering the ear. This is a prescription and an over-the-counter drug. Use it only as prescribed by your doctor.

SU 24 is a white, round pill. It has a strength of 240 mg. the national drug code (NDC) for SU 24 is 50580-0669. The generic name of this medicine is Pseudoephedrine and it belongs to a group of drugs called Decongestants. The active ingredient of SU 24 is Sudafed.

Sudafed can be used by anyone except children below 4 years of age. If you are already using a decongestant, do no use SU 24 anymore or Sudafed. This decongestant is not safe to be used along with MAO inhibitor drugs such as isocarboxazid, furazolidone, rasagiline, phenelzine, and tranylcypromine. Use SU 24 if 14 days have passed since the last time you used any of these MAO inhibitors.

Sudafed or SU 24 is also not recommended to people with heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and thyroid disorder.

Sudafed is an oral medication. Take it with a glass of water. Do not take more than what your doctor told you to take. Sudaf is also available in other formulas such as a liquid. Sudafed liquid should be measured properly in order to prevent overdosage. Sudafed should be used within 7 days only.

Sudafed 24 Side Effects

Sudafed, the active ingredient of SU 24 can cause allergic reactions even when taken mildly. It can cause hives, difficulty breathing and a swell in some parts of your face. It can cause swelling of, tongue, lips, and throat.

Sudafed can also cause uneven heartbeat, a fast pounding of the heart, dizziness, anxiety, feeling weak for no reasons, flu symptoms, body aches, loss of appetite, redness of the skin, feeling restless, warm tingling in the skin, itching, and skin rashes.

Not everyone who will take Sudafed or SU 24 can experience adverse reactions. Only a handful reported experiencing the mentioned side effects above. In case you experience any of these after taking an SU 24 pill, take a rest and wait for it to disappear on its own. It normally takes an hour or two for a side effect to subside. If it stays for longer than 2 hours, seek medical attention immediately.

What is Pill Finder?

Pill Finder is a tool used by medical practitioners and private individuals in identifying a certain pill. A doctor can use it to determine the medicine that a person who committed drug overdose took. It can also help a mother identify any pill that she will find in her teenage son’s pocket.

Pill Finder Page

Pill Finder Page

A pill finder is easy to use. It is also easy to find because it is available on the web. It is not a special device that you need to purchase in order to use it. A simple Google search can actually give you a Pill Finder Tool.

To use a pill finder, you need to enter the imprint found on your tablet. For example, SU 24 for a Sudafed tablet. Once you put the imprint, you will also have to input its color and shape. Once you click on search, you will get a result that includes the name of the medicine, its manufacturer and if it is an Rx medicine or an OTC medicine.

Pseudoephedrine Sudafed Dosing Information

Suadefer Pack

Suadefer Pack

Adults can use Pseudoephedrine Sudafed or SU 24 for nasal congestion. It is an oral medication that is available in 30mg and 60 mg. Regardless of the dose, you can take it every four to six hours. If you are going to take 120 mg, you should take the next dose after 12 hours. The maximum daily dose that you can take for Pseudoephedrine Sudafed is 240 mg per day.

For children between 4 to 5 years of age (it shouldn’t be given to anyone younger than 4 years of age, the dose should be 15 mg, to be taken every 6 hours. The maximum daily dosage at this age is 60 mg.

For children between six and 12 years of age, the dose to take is 30 mg. it should be taken every 6 hours with a maximum daily dose of 120 mg. Children above 12 years of age can take up to 60 mg SU 24 pill and can take one every 4 to 6 hours. Their average daily dose can be as high as 240 mg.


SU 24 pill is a white and round tablet that is known to treat nasal congestion. Finding its name in a pill finder is easy because SU 24 is a popular drug imprint. The active ingredient in this medicine is Sudafed and it is also known with its other names such as Nasofed, Seudotabs, Silfedrine, Chlor Trimeton Nasal Decongestant, Contac Cold, SudoGest 12 Hour, Suphedrin, Triaminic Softchews, Drixoral Decongestant Non-Drowsy, Elixsure Decongestant, Entex, Genaphed, Kid Kare Drops, Sudafed, Sudodrin, SudoGest, Allergy Congestion, and Unifed.

SU 24 or Sudafed is an over-the-counter medicine although some of its brands are Rx medications. This drug should be taken only as prescribed by your doctor. A simple decongestant can also lead to some serious side effects especially if you have heart problems or hypertension.

When buying SU 24, make sure to deal with a legit online pharmacy. For options, you can check our list of recommended online pharmacies. To determine if you are getting a genuine Sudafed, you should clearly see its imprinted SU 24 mark on each pill. Sudafed is also available in tablets, it is white in color, and round in shape. To avoid being scammed online, do a research first about the medicine you are planning to order and only use a reliable and trustworthy online pharmacy.