Copy of 748 Trust Pharmacy World Famous Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy World Famous Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy is an online drug dispensary catering to consumers from all over the world. This online pharmacy is specialized in the sale of generic medicines and hence is offering cheap prices for otherwise expensive medications.

What is Trust Pharmacy?

Trust Pharmacy is not an actual pharmacy—it is what we call a pharmacy intermediary or an online mail order service for consumers looking for sources of affordable medicines. Trust Pharmacy links its consumers to its network of international ground drugstores so the consumers will have the best choices for their medicines.

According to the information on Trust Pharmacy, the store has been in service since 2001, which makes it one of the longest-running web drugstores in the market. It is amazing how Trust Pharmacy was able to maintain its position in the market, considering most online drugstores today just come and go.

Trust Pharmacy Store

Although the store did not state where it is actually located, Trust Pharmacy has accreditations from CIPA, which places the store’s location in Canada. Not all online pharmacies from the country are certified by the CIPA so it is commendable that the shop Trust Pharmacy is certified by the organization.

Besides this certification, Trust Pharmacy also claims to offer medicines that are certified safe and effective to use even by the FDA. Generic medicines sold by the store are at least approved by the local FDA (for instance, India FDA), while the brand name treatments are approved by even the US FDA. Consumers may order their medicines at Trust Pharmacy without prescriptions, but they will be obliged to submit a medical assessment form to be evaluated by the store’s doctor. Although there is no need for patients to provide the needed Rx for their items, Trust Pharmacy only stocks medicines not classified as narcotics or addictive.

Some of the most popular medicines in the store include the following items:

  • Generic Viagra – $0.27 per pill
  • Generic Cialis – $0.68 per pill
  • Generic Clomid – $0.44 per pill
  • Generic Doxycycline – $0.30 per pill
  • Generic Propecia – $0.52 per pill

Besides the aforementioned products, there are more drugs offered by Trust Pharmacy for its consumers. The shop’s stocks are updated real-time so consumers won’t have to worry about ordering out of stock medicines from the store.

Concerning shipping, buyers can opt for regular or hastened shipping options – the regular option is cheaper at $10, while the hastened shipping option costs more.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

In order to determine if the Trust Pharmacy store was able to please its consumers with excellent service, we decided to scour the web for available store reviews. Surprisingly, there were some reviews available for our reference:

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

According to one customer, Trust Pharmacy service was fast and the customer service team was courteous, which he found rare, especially from online suppliers. The buyer mentioned that the product he got from Trust Pharmacy was effective to use.

Another client also admired Trust Pharmacy’s customer support and mentioned that he will reorder because he was impressed with his overall Trust Pharmacy experience.

The last buyer featured in the image also attested to receiving his orders “sooner than expected” was also pleased to announce that the medicines he bought from the store worked exactly as advertised, or even better.

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Trust Pharmacy Reviews

More recent customer reviews for Trust Pharmacy were available on the web and buyers were still happy with their order turnaround. Consumers mentioned that their orders arrived early and had a great experience with the shop’s customer support team.

Trust Pharmacy Deals

Trust Pharmacy is offering one buyer coupon, although buyers would need to visit a third-party website to access the code. Here is the Trust Pharmacy coupon:

Trust Pharmacy Coupon

Trust Pharmacy Coupon

According to this coupon, buyers can avail of an additional 10% off their purchase by keying in the code RM-4518. There’s a coupon box upon checkout where buyers can input the code to avail the extra discount.

Trust Pharmacy Deals

Trust Pharmacy Deals

Besides the coupons, the store is also offering other deals for its consumers to enjoy:

  • Free shipping – Buyers are entitled to free shipping of their items if their orders exceed $200. Buyers who were unable to meet the criteria don’t have to spend much either as the shipping fee charged by Trust Pharmacy is only $10.
  • 10% discount – An additional 10% off the purchases are given to buyers when their orders are worth more than $200. The discount is automatic and the buyers won’t have to enter a specific code to avail this discount.
  • Free pills – Buyers can also avail of free pills whenever they order from Trust Pharmacy—they can choose among generic Viagra, generic Cialis, or generic Levitra. Customers with orders below $200 will receive two free pills, but buyers with orders worth more than $200 will receive 10 free pills from the store.
  • Bulk discounts – Consumer with large-scale orders are also eligible for bulk order discounts whenever purchasing their medicines from Trust Pharmacy, as the store has special prices for buyers with more orders than the others.

Although the discounts may not seem much, when put together, buyers can save hundreds of dollars whenever choosing Trust Pharmacy for their online drug purchases.


Trust Pharmacy is an online drugstore offering enticing prices for its generic product lineup. Though this store is Canada-based, it caters to consumers around the world, as long as they need Trust Pharmacy’s service. Customers will find the store’s products some of the best priced on the web, as former clients of the store did. Overall, Trust Pharmacy is a good shop to use especially for buyers with the need for cheaper yet guaranteed effective and safe to use medicines.